I don’t love teapots…….

I love things that have had a previous life, and this is why.

I spent a lot of time in Italy as a child. The enormous churches punctured with romantic shafts of dusty light, the priceless reliquaries of forgotten saints, the smell of wax and incense and the sad-faced statues surrounded by candles and votives all made an impression on me.
As my travels continued, so did my interest in shrines, reliquaries and tokens. I naturally began to create my own reliquaries: containers for my memories – a stone taken from an Australian desert, a cheap ring bought in a market in India, a dried flower from my mother’s garden. Keeping each memory safe, I began to wonder why we collect objects and make shrines. I have tried to express and explore this impulse in my work – the desire to collect and make sacred these small things that symbolise memories or feelings.
I am currently exploring clockwork automata and have recently been inspired by antique kinetic amusements to make work that moves.

shrines reliquaries and tokens


The elements I use to make my work are rescued from flea markets and found in junk shops – items which may have meant something to someone, items I can make stories from. It’s very important to me that my work is made from items with a previous history.
My aim is to bring together these interests and questions to create beautiful, precious objects of wonder which move, open, describe, surprise and delight – pieces that might express my own enshrined memories or feelings.
I rarely know exactly what I will make when I begin. Each piece starts as an uncertain idea, and the finished item is often a surprise, the creative process moulding the piece and giving it life as it emerges.


I graduated from University At Wolverhampton in 1995 with a Degree in 3D glass design and went straight into an exciting career as a prop maker and scenery builder. Working for opera houses and theatres, film sets and museums, I gained a broad variety of creative skills and crafts which led to many colourful experiences. Among them accessories designer, event co-ordinator, workshop manager and cabaret hostess. Arts festivals in deserts, drumming for Sheikhs in Dubai and providing candy floss for the hungry and needy. I have produced large scale, glitter pop-art paintings under the name Plasticbob, built scenery for arts festivals, performed at them, and always worked on my own ideas.
Eventually I quit clients, budgets, deadlines and all the rest of it, to simply make stuff, and follow a couple of little dreams I had.



I now live in Brighton, UK and have been at the long-established Cross Street Workshops in Hove for 5 years. My work is regularly exhibited at the Brighton Open House exhibitions where they fly away to new homes.

Since 2013 I have displayed and sold my work at Into You Tattoo shop and art gallery in Clerkenwell, London.
In January and February 2014 a number of pieces were displayed in Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, UK.

I have exhibited at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea for a number of years, and am currently represented by Four Walls Contemporary Art.