Cleaning, coating & colour matching

  • Electric hand tools – Cleaning of these marine archaeological swords required the use of ultrasonic and air abrasive tools.
  • Scalpel cleaning – This locking iron casket had a coating of rust which required cleaning by hand to protect the engravings. (Blog post)
  • Bone – An Indonesian Keris dagger with a bone handle and degraded original filler required disassembly, cleaning and replacement of the filler.
  • Coloured wax coating – Removal of the degraded wax coating revealed that the bronze patination was enhanced by coloured wax. Following tests, the coloured coating was replaced.
  • Gap-filling and colour matching – Losses on this Roman bronze lamp were filled using Japanese tissue, glass micro balloons and Paraloid, then colour matched. (Blog post)
  • Lacquer coating – The degraded wax coating on this bronze axe had caused surface corrosion issues. Following research and treatment it was coated with Paraloid B72.


  • Conscious of material properties and appropriate hand skills regarding delicate cleaning.
  • Use of electric and hand tools to remove a variety of elements fromĀ  light residues to heavy concretions.
  • Extensive experience of practical techniques involving gap-filling, painting and coating on a wide variety of materials,
  • Conservation cleaning of copper and copper alloys, corroded and stable iron, bone, gilt silver and precious metals.