• Working padlock – Full design and construction of a working padlock with key using a variety of metals, welding, soldering, lathe work and etching. (Blog post)
  • Design and problem solving – Forged elements of the padlock, with various design solutions.
  • Puk welding – experiments with PUK welder, to repair an antique lead (Pb) elephant statuette.
  • Repousse – Tests using repousse method on silver and copper sheet.
  • Soldering, brazing and forging – hot joining methods using gas torch, and basic steel forging techniques.
  • Pewter box – construction of a small pewter box, and development of pewter soldering instruction sheets for metals students.

  • Familiar with precious and base metals and their alloys, their properties and practical joining methods including soft and silver soldering and PUK welding.
  • Accustomed to practical work and a workshop environment.
  • Experienced and confident with most workshop machinery and power tools.
  • Understanding of a wide variety of materials and construction methods.