Assessment and documentation

  • Assessment of Chinese bronze collection at Compton Verney. Checks for active corrosion and documentation.
  • Archival storage for Archaeological lamp using appropriate materials, storage box and recommended volume of desiccant.
  • Documentation for bulk collections of coins during treatment. Data entry and use of multiple spreadsheets within the accession system.
  • Assessment of bronze signal cannon. Following assessment and investigation of samples, it was decided that the object was not genuine, and had been fabricated to appear so.
  • Post accession co-ordination of data within the filing system at Historic England. Documentation including labelling and photography.


  • Knowledge and understanding of appropriate conservation documentation and photography methods.
  • Organised, systematic and thorough when recording and entering information, and quick to understand data entry systems.
  • Clear and concise communication of ideas and information on a professional level, to both heritage professionals and the general public.
  • General understanding of collections care principles and ethics.